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Name of Child :- Abhijit Kachare
Nandlapur, Karad. Dist: Satara.
Age:-  16   Year.
Date Of Birth :- 7th Spt,1994.
HIV Status :-  Positive.    
School Status :- 10th.
Living Status: – Abhijit’s father was working in brick kiln. He died by sickness. People working with him knew his death was by AIDs. His mother had a severe heart attack and parelysed. She is suffering on bed. As no one looked after him, he joined Karunalaya.
Name of Child :- Aishwarya Powar
Kalamba Rd. Kolhapur.
Age:-  14 Year .
Date Of Birth :-21st Oct,1997.
HIV Status :-   Positive.
School Status :- 9th
Living Status: – Aishwarya’s father was a Bank Officer. Her father and mother died due to HIV. The whole income of her father was over in debts and Medicines. Aishwarya had a wonderful mirical. Her kidneys and inner portion was spoiled. Doctor didn’t take risk but God cured her wonderfully.
Name of Child :- Aniket Bhobhate
Peth Vadgaon, Hatkanangle, Dt: Kolhapur.
Age:-    10  Year .
Date Of Birth :- 10th Oct, 2001.
HIV Status :- Positive  
School Status :- 7th.
Living Status: – Aniket’s  parents died due to AIDs. He has  grand father. He is unable to take care of him due to oldness. Having no home, he has been living in temple. He is deaf of two ears and suffering from tuberculosis . He can’t hear teacher’s teaching  but he is happy and fine.  
Name of Child :- Atish Patil .
Pimpalgaon. Bhudargad. Dist:Kolhapur.
Date Of Birth :- 11th Aug,1999.
Age:-   11   Year .
HIV Status :-Positive . 
School Status :-8th .
Living Status: -Atish father died before his birth. His mother was expelled from house by his relatives due to AIDs. When he was three his mother died. When he came here he was five years old.  His body was full of wounds, clothes were getting wet, his body had a bad breath. No one comes to meet him yet. Now he is happy and fine. He likes to play cricket  and eat chicken biryani.