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Karunalay Balgruh


The futuristic development of any country depends upon the health and the progress of the children of that country, hence the Central and State Government of India under the norm of International Child Protection Act, has adopted the Child Welfare Programme, to bring about this progress. In order to help the children progress, since 16 years Karunalay Balgruh is trying to bring about a drastic change in the lives of innocent  ones suffering from the stigma of the disease of HIV/AIDS.

It was on the 14th April 2006 when 3 children affected with HIV were taken care of and today there are 30 children (boys and girls)being looked after, rehabilitating 250 children till date. Karunalay Balgruh remains the only shelter home in West of Maharashtra enclosing the affected children from south Maharashtra and north Karnataka state.

  1. PURPOSE:-  Primarily the upbringing of children rests upon the family. And so in these 16 years Karunalay could provide help to children who are totally orphans or dependent on a single parent. However, it also provides help to children with both affected parents under the mother institute Manav Sanshodhan Vikas Mission.
  1. ADMISSION:- The child can be admitted in this orphanage through the District Child Welfare Committee.
  1. PERMISSION:- Karunalay is an authorized orphanage and has received it’s permission from The Department of Women And Child Development Ministry, Govt of Maharashtra under the Children Justice (Care And Protection) Act,2006, Sec 34(A) and Rule no:-34.
  1. CONTROL:-The orphanage has a control of District women & Child Development Officer, Child Welfare Committee, District Child Protection Unit Chairperson, Juvenile justice Board, District Court, Child Rights Commission and District Police Commissioner.
  1. FUNDS:- In spite of constant trials since 16 years to receive funds to raise these affected orphan children from the Government, as so far no monetary help or funds have been received. So Karunalay has to depend only on donations given by people.
  1. HOSPITALISATION AND CARE:-HIV is a dreadful disease which affects and lowers the immune system leading to numerous opportunistic infections. As these affected children are on ART (Anti-Retro Viral Therapy) being the only means of treatment available which helps to stops the progress of the disease causing virus, has a lot of side effects too furthers increases the cost of frequent hospitalisation.
  1. EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES:-All the children admitted to this orphanage receive their primary education from the Zilla Parishad School, for the secondary and high school they are sent to Shiroli. As these children do not posses any documents or valid proofs of caste certificates there is no concession/ scholarships available in the school fees and funds thereby raising the scholastic finance.
  1. E-LEARNING:-Due to frequent sickness and hospitalisations many children are unable to attend school regularly. For this reason, E-Learning facility is made available.
  1. HOSTEL:-A separate hostel is available for boys and girls where each child is provided is his/ her basic needs.
  1. PHYSCIAL FITNESS:-Every morning physical training and   Yoga classes are taken under the guidance of Dr. Rachna Hegdepatil.
  1. COUNSELLING:-As these children become mature they go through a different phase struggling with many questions and the fear of facing this world. Hence a proper guidance and counselling is given to these children.
  1. REHABILITATION:-As per the rules laid out, a child only upto 18 years can be kept in this orphanage. In spite of a number of difficulties faced eg.(late admission in school, drop out due to frequent illness etc). Karunalay has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of children in their respective areas of interest.
  1. Marriage :  We made marriages of above 18 years girls  so they can enjoy life .

About Karunalaya

“Religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultles is this : to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted the world.” James 1:27.

As per above mentioned verse “Karunalaya” has been established on the 14 th April,2006 at Ramnagar,Shiye in a rented building by the Manav Sansadhan Vikas Mission Shiye, as its one of the units ,which is registered vide Societies Registration Act.1860 And Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 in the month of December,1994.The motto the main HRD Mission is “जन , जननी , जननभूस्तव ” i.e. The People,The Mothers And Her Offsprings Are For Sake Of The Land”.

Due to the lack of knowledge from the Almighty God most of the ungodly people are dragged into the snare of AIDs (HIV +). Due to this horrible disease many families, households are being destroyed and many men,women and their children are becoming orphans. This was notices by the Founder-President Pastor Anand Bansode. Now a days there are a lot of children and women who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. There are very few organizations and individuals who have committed their lives for the services of the HIV + people.This being the state none but to open the Karunalaya (House Of Compassion) for the children and women with HIV+.

They are being provided with nice shelter, Nutritious foods, Medicine and Medical treatment and Educational facilities along with coaching educational materials (Books ,Notebooks and Stationery Required )in spite of these things they are being given motherly love. We not only impart school education but also moral education so as to make them Responsible Citizen of our nation.

We are trying our best to serve them with our commitment to Almighty God now -a-days there are 35 boys And girls in Home,and more than 300 in society with single widows & orphan. In Future we would like to admit more about children in Karunalaya. We are require expenses of Rs.3500/- per head per month.

We humbly request your honor to extend your helping hands to fulfill our expenses towards Karunalaya.